Mom, Jason and the First Days of School

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Mom and Jason Me, Mom and Jason Loving the Breeze On the Bart King of the Mountain... Di, Jason and Aurelie

This past weekend, my mom and brother came up to Berkeley for a short visit. It was very nice to spend some bonding time with both. They flew up on Friday and arrived in Berkeley around 10:30. We went and got some local cuisine and then went walking around Telegraph. Although we did do some touristy stuff, the main purpose of thier visit was for Jason and I to spend some time together. My mom went to get her nails done and Jason and I hung out around campus. That evening, we decided to get some sushi and go bowling. Allo-you-can-eat sushi from Edoko is always great but the bowling thing didn't work out quite as planned. We got there with Di and Mike and they said it was going to be a 2-hr wait! We decided to just play some video games and wait for our taxi which took an hour to come! Berkeley Taxi's suck! We were going to catch a movie but the late taxi put us out of schedule so we just rented The Ant Bully and hung out at home.

The next morning, we all went out to San Francisco and did the usual, but it was much more fun with my Mom and Jason around. China town for lunch and shopping, Fishermans wharf for dinner and entertainment. The evening brought another movie and relaxation. I captured some pretty cool shots of the weekend, especially Jason at the bart station. He was so cute worrying about going under the bay... it made me laugh. Oh ya - Jason pretty much stole my girlfriend all weekend... he would not let go of her hand (or Aurelie's for that matter)!

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