Rage Against the Machine

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So everyone knows I used to be in a Rage Against the Machine cover tribute band, Bombtrack, and that I am a huge fan. Unfortunately, the band broke up about 5 years ago due to management spats. Apparently, each of the guys had an individual manager, and the manager for the lead singer, Zack De la Rocha, could not play nice with the other 3 and announced Zack's departure from the band, sending the other 3 to form Audioslave with Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. I was fortunate to be able to see hear the band before they broke up at the very first Coachella Fest in 1999 with Tool. Right before Rage went on, my girlfriend and I made our way to the front of the stage and got pushed around similar to what I had to endure for Tool this last year. She was about 6 feet tall and her head kinda stuck out in the crowd so when people began to crowd surf, she was hit in the head with a knee and knocked out for a few seconds. I had to drag her through the masses where we then reached the side and I convinced a guard to let us backstage. She was fine but played along and we were very excited to get back there as during this particular show, there were bandstands along side of the stage and we wanted on there! What we didn't know is that there 2 backstages, one for the stage and another for setup and stuff. We spent the entire time Rage was playing trying to find a way to sneak onstage. In the end, we caught glimpses and heard it really well, but I didn't get to see much. Then the band broke up.

5 years later, I am very excited to learn that the band/managers have put aside thier differences and have announced that they are reuniting for Coachella 07! I will definitely go, probably getting the 3-day pass and finally getting to see Rage in all thier glory. Anybody else interested?

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