CZ Poker Reunion, Keane

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This past Friday, I called up a few friends from the CZ days to play some poker. Kate Vescera, Brewer Ben and John Hung came out to play with our non-tournament rules and we had a blast! One of the most amazing hands you will ever see better hands of the evening is in the pic above. John had been playing agressively all night and decided to play this hand blind (meaning he didn't look at his cards). Kate called as normal. So out come 3, then 4, then 5 cards and there was a full-house on the table, Kings and Eights. Assuming they were going to split the pot John goes all in. He didn't know Kate was holding a bomb... she had pocket Jacks, giving her a better full house than the one on the table. She called and showed her Jacks. John was devistated but he still hadn't looked at his cards. He turns one over hoping for a miricle... A. Just killing time, he stalled and turned over the next card slowly. Another A, giving him a the highest full-house! It was a crazy hand. Di and I went to go see Keane on Saturday evening at the Berkeley Community Theater. I have seen them before up close and personal before they were big but this show had a much nicer sound system and they rocked. Di was pretty impressed by them too. For those of you that aren't into the Tool-esqe stuff I usually listen to, this band is probably more your style. Check out the video below. More pics here. PS: If this page is all white and you cant see the movie, you need to update your flash player or you can click this link to download the movie.

Keane - January 27th, 2007 - Berkeley Community Theater - Bedshaped

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