Root Canal

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Root Canal Root Canal Root Canal Root Canal Root Canal

A few months ago, I realized that I get dental insurance with my school's health insurance package. Well, let me back up... About a year ago, I was eating some granola at CZ and half of my tooth chipped off. My back molar had broken off and there was nothing I could do. It never started hurting so I figured I was lucky that it wasn't a visible area and that It was only cosmetic. Fast Forward ----> I go to the dentist for a check up and she can't believe I am not in pain. Apparently the roots of my tooth were open and collecting bacteria (as shown in the XRAY dark spots) and usually that causes pain. Anyway, I had to schedule a root canal and get a crown. The dentist was nice enough to let me photograph some of the procedure. I now have a temporary alluminum crown in my mouth and a plethora of Vicodin. See more pics here.

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