Valentines Day, Branford Marsalis, Midterms

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Di and Me Yoshi's 2_BranfordMarsalis Thank you Captain Obvious! un-radiation-symbol

Last Wednesday (Valentine's Day), I tricked Di pretty good. A few weeks earlier, I had told her that I was planning everything for V-day and that she shouldn't worry about a think. Of course, this sparked her interest and she kept guessing and guessing random stuff until finally, I was able to say yes to something random with a straight face. From that point on, Di thought we were going to the Richmond Desert Festival (haha). I told her the dress was formal and that it was one of those nice events where chefs cook thier favorite desserts and we try them out... sounds pretty reasonable no?

So along came Valentines Day and Di and I are in a borrowed car. I tell her that we need to get the tickets to the show, park the car in Berkeley and convince her to come with me to get them. We walk right into Adagia for a nice 5 course meal. She was gullibly embarrassed. Seeing this, I told her we were still going to the Dessert Festival, but we had to get dinner of course right? (haha) I convinced her we were heading to North Berkeley for this event but we actually were headed to Jack London Square in Oakland. We had been there once before to go to this interesting resaurant Chicken and Waffles so once she figured out that we weren't going to North Berkeley, I tricked her into thinking we were going back there! (haha) As we were walking from the car to the restaurant, I stopped her on the street to look at some site across the way... coincidentally, we stopped right at the back of the line for the Branford Marsalis show at Yoshi's. Branford Marsalis is an amazing Jazz Musician and Yoshi's is a world famous Jazz club so we had a great time there. It was an amusing and wonderful night.

Midterms are this week and I only write this blog as a realease from the stress of studies. I just took my hardest midterm I have ever had, but I was prepared. I studied probably 30 hours for it over the weekend so it was not as bad for me as some of the other students. I also got a kick out of these two signs above, especially the new UN Approved Radiation Sign soon to appear on cell phones, nuclear reactors etc...

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