Tom, Castro, Midterms

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This past weekend, Tom, my old roommate and good friend from CZ, came down for a visit. We had a pretty chill weekend; Pool Halls, Wii, Beer, we even went out to the San Francisco "Gay District", Castro. We went out there with another ex CZar, Kate, to visit our 3rd CZ roommate (who is straight) that works in a gay bar down on Castro St and 18th (That was a very poorly crafted sentence... oh well). It was my first time hanging out in Castro so I was expecting tons of overly-flamboyant men but the bar we went to was pretty chill. We had a few drinks then ran into our friend Nero (who is gay) and he took us to a more "happening" spot. We walked to this club and paid 3 dollars to get in.

Men are pigs! First thing we did was go to the bar to get a drink. I placed the order and things seemed pretty cool when all-of-a-sudden, the bartender (male) pinches my nipple and winks at me. I went in with a pretty open mind but after this I felt a little violated and slightly homophobic. We went out to the dance floor and I felt several stares looking at me like a piece of meat. Tom was getting the same treatment. We both had our butts pinched and it seemed as men were trying to get by us, they were squeezing a little too close. Tom and I decided to be "boyfriends" to protect ourselves. One of Nero's friends was kicked out (thankfully) for lighting up a cigarette in the bar and we had to leave after only about 15 minutes. It was a cool experience but a little uncomfortable, mostly because of the horny men. After being violated, I reaffirmed that respecting women will get you much farther than pinching their butts.

I had 2 midterms last week. In the hardest class in Berkeley CS170, I scored a 46 out of 84.. a whopping 55 percent. Good news is that the mean (B) was 40 so I got a B+/A-. Haha, that should tell them something about the difficulty of the course - I studied for 30 HOURS! The other midterm I took was in CS186 and I scored 91/100. The mean was 85 so I got about B+/A- on that one too. Not a bad start to the semester if you ask me.

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