The Last 3 Months

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It has been about 3 months since my last update. Originally I stopped updating because I was really busy in school, then because I was working on securing an internship... Then I just became lazy. Now, however, I am on summer break and decided to make my own CMS (content management system) called Coneyblog (the code is under subversion control) so I could have total control over my site. As you can see, it is up enough to make new posts, comments etc... but it is pretty simple so far. Unlike the old site, if I want a feature, it is not as simple as installing a plugin... I must write the code. So I will add stuff here and there, hoping my friends and family will notice :) Here is a whirlwind tour of the past 3 months:

My semester was pretty heavy in the middle, between midterm season 1 and 2, but I did well, scoring above mean on all. The last month was pretty easy for me as my classes were all front-loaded. I finished up the semester strongly with a B+,B+ and A-, as well as passing my 2 ungraded courses. The easy month was a blessing in disguise as I was able to work on a few side-projects as well as securing my internship with Sun!

I was offered a few internship positions, and my final decision was between Digital Chocolate (cell-phone games) and Sun Honeycomb. After long deliberation and advice from friends and family, I decided on Sun because it will give me more experience, connections and it is in San Francisco (No Moving!). I start as soon as I get back from traveling this summer.

A few days ago I got back from visiting New York with Mike and it was amazing. We stayed just north of the East Village in Manhattan and I spent all the days dragging Mike around to the Tourist Destinations. We went to the Met, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire Statem, a Mets game and so much more! Here are some of the pics. I am in Berkeley for about a week but it is no vaction this week. I have to get everything of mine packed up and put in storage because I am moving, and the last day of my lease happens to be when I am going to be in Europe. I leave for Spain on the 14th and have all my stuff in storage by then. More on the Europe trip later ;)

Other than those things, I haven't done too much else in the past 3 months. I went to 2 concerts: Dredg (pics) and Mutemath (pics), both at Slim's in San Francisco. Things are well with Di, my super-messy roommate finally moved out, the Sopranos has me hooked for 2 more episodes, and I have been getting a lot of sleep. Oh ya, Di turned 21 a week ago and I threw her a surprise party and I have no new piercings... although I did stretch my ears up one size to a 00g. Thats it for now, I will write more this week

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