Week in Review

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This last week treated me pretty well... I wanted to try and change the grading option of my Physics class to Pass / Not Pass but it was way past the deadline to do so. P/NP is a grading choice that encourages students to take more challenging courses because if you don't pass the course, it is not weighted into your GPA. Since I am now a Cognitive Science major, my Physics class is not needed for my degree and I want to change it to P/NP so it won't bring down my GPA when I fail it.
I set up an appointment with the dean, told him my situation and with a little persuasion, was able to get my class changed, even though it was over the deadline. Now I can focus entirely on the classes that matter for my major, and be okay with a NP grade if I were to get one. Woo-Hoo!
My friend Lexa runs this student association that protests the use of Sweatshops and unfair labor in the making of Cal apparel. She holds naked protest every month or so and scheduled on last week in front of California Hall. Unfortunately, it was pouring that day so most did not get naked. The message still got across though as Lexa and her committed group did a sit-in in the Chancellors office and all got arrested. I really respect her and envy her activism. I wish I was more motivated to get arrested for a good cause. There was also some other really big protest going through campus one of the days. I didn't pay too much attention but snapped a photo anyway. Crazy Berkeley.
I was sick for most of the weekend and feeling a little lonely so I went out and bought some fish. It has been a few days and I am trying to look for personalities to help in naming them... but they are just goldfish. I am open for suggestions.
On Saturday, I went to the 20th Annual Indus Culture Show on Campus and was blown away by the performers. Usually in a three hour event, I am pretty bored but this show had about 12 different acts, all representing different cultural dances and music from South Asian Culture. My favorite was the musical group with 2 sets of Tabla drums, 2 violins, and a sitar. By no means am I an expert on Indian music, but this group blew me away! I have always been intersted in the sitar... maybe I'll look into exploring it.
I also shaved my beard... it was getting too itchy/hot.

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