2 Holes, Tool and Chowder

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I now have 12 holes in my body that my mother did not give me. Jordana, Ida, Aurelie, Linsey and I went down to Zebra on Friday and a few of us got some new additions in the body jewelery dept. My latest, another orbital on my right ear, is healing pretty fast As soon as it is well enough to sleep on, I will get the matching one on the other side. Over the past few years I have been into this anal "symmetrical" thing so I feel very unbalanced right now. Eventually, I want to have a row of orbitals down both ears. I think I like them the best because they are barely noticeable from the front but striking from a profile view. They are also a fairly uncommon piercing.
Being a member of "The Collective Unconscious", (the official TOOL fanclub) I was privy to some inside information about some small venue shows Tool is playing in the next few weeks. There is a small venue in Oakland that only seats 3000 people and I needed tickets! I convinced a few friends to spend the night with me in a Beautifull Emeryville Strip Mall to be first in line for tickets when ticketmaster opened up. Unfortunately, we are all a bunch of slackers and decided that we would go at 5:00 in the morning instead. Ourlaziness landed our group second in line... there are some major tool fans out there. At 10 the show sold out in 36 seconds! The first four in line got tickets (2 ticket maximum) and the rest waited patiently for released tickets due to bounced credit-cards. Overall, only 11 people in the 40+ line got tickets to the show. Almost immediately after 10, tickets went on Ebay. Originally $66, most are selling for over $300 with some over $400! I bought 2 extra tickets that everybody is hounding me for, but I can't pass up this opportunity. I am going to put them up on Ebay to help my "Starving Student in Europe Fund" for this summer. So not only will I get to see one of the best shows in history, I will be able to make some money at the same time! Tool usually sells out stadiums and they are going to be playing in a 3000 seat club! It will be amazing to see them so close after the madness I have to go through at Coachella Fest. Maybe I'll get to meet them or get my new Tool CD signed (album drops on May 2nd)
I had an amazing weekend, not only because of the tickets and piercing, but also because my friend Jordana came up from P-Town to come to Cal Day. Jordana is moving to Berkeley and going to school next year and she wanted to come up and see what it was like. I did my best to keep her out of trouble... ;) We spent some time touring campus, Telegraph, Shattuck and the rest of Berkeley on Friday. Now that my scooter is legal again and my license is valid, I took her around town so she could get her bearings down. That night, her friend Ida joined us, along with Aurelie and Linsey, and we got some dinner and watched movies. As a representative of the collegiate community, I felt it was my obligation to introduce them to "Robot Chicken", "Ali G", and of course "Animal House". They took off and I got 3 hours sleep before going down to ticketmaster.
Saturday, I slept for most of they day while Jordana did the Cal Day thing, but we met up later to head on out to the city. We made it on down to Fisherman's Wharf and I couldn't resist... I had to have a clam chowder bread bowl. This is the second time I have had tiny amounts of fish since I became vegetarian and felt a little guilty, but oh well - it was worth it! We spent some time walking around the city then came back to the Berkeley for the Casa Zimbabwe "Open Mic Night". We had a lot of fun hanging out together... I am glad she decided enthusiatically on Cal.

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