Good News!

1 minute read

It turns out that the infallible Office of Undergraduate Admissions has overcredited my transfer units from COD by 15 units! It really angers me that I had brought this up before and they swore they were correct and made me feel like an idiot for bringing it up and wasting thier time. I went and saw a counselor because something still wasn't sitting right with me and they told me to go over there and raise hell until I got them off. I happily obliged.
Now I am under the unit cap (barely) to get into Computer Science! Woo-Hoo! The only thing I have to do is try to keep my technical GPA over 3.35 - Not an easy feat, but at least I have a good chance of admittance now. I was getting pretty excited about Cognitive Science with a Computer Science Minor and I still have until the end of summer to decide which one I want to do. At least I have 2 paths to choose from now instead of being rejected from everywhere, pushing me towards Cog Sci. Gotta go and hit the books and keep up my technical GPA!

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