Naan and Poker

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Yesterday I convinced my friend Linsey to ditch her class (believe me, it wasn't that hard) and go out to get some Naan N' Curry! I have really been craving Indian Food since I saw the Indus Culture show a few weekends back. The garlic Naan hit the spot! I also tried Palak Paneer (sp?) which is a spinach and cheese dish that was so good! Linsey didn't feel like Indian so she went to Smart Alecs and got a salad and some cornbread (which I ate; btw, Smart Alecs has the BEST cornbread). We walked around Telegraph for a little, did a little shopping and had a good time. I picked up a shorter barbell for my tounge so I wouldn't bite down on it anymore, picked up an interesting doll as a gift for somebody special, some incense and got some free books from the Library Reserve thingy they have by Chesse N' Stuff. I found three 1st edition textbooks for some of my computer classes so I had to get them. I figure... if a lawyer has a bookshelf of tons of Law Books he/she never reads, maybe I should have a bunch of Computer Science books on hand. I am starting my collection.
Tonight I held my first Texas Hold Em Tounament. We had 16 players total and charged 20 dollars a game. There were significant prizes for the top 4 players. I played well but went out at the hand of a really aggressive player who burned me! I had :Kh, :Jh called a small raise before the flop. He called as well. Flop came :Ks, :8h :5c and he bet a little, I raised, he reraised, and all of a sudden I was pot commited. It ended up an all in situation and my top pair did not beat his :8c :5d... I still can't believe he called a raise before the flop. Oh well, sh*t happens. I'm still way up in earnings so I can't get mad. Though it does kinda suck that I went out first in my own tournament.
The pics above don't really mean anything, no interesting stories (sorry) but I thought they were cool pics...

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