I’ve had better days…

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I am relieved that my test is over... but that is the only good positive feeling I have regarding the test! Maybe I shouldn't have made Physics 7B my backburner class, but it is the only class not pertinent to my intended major so I've let it slip a little. Is there any shame in switching the grading to pass / not pass this late in the semester? I feel that if I don't, this course could ruin my GPA ==> ruining my chances of getting into my major ==> ruining my chances of graduating with the degree I want ==> ruining my chance of getting a job I like ==> ruining my chance of being happy in general! A lot of weight on this one test! Besides the test, my day was pretty bad. After studying with Renata this evening, I took her home on the scooter and decided to cut through campus to save time. I have been through campus before, but this time, a Berkeley Police officer saw me travel through sproul plaza (motorized vehicles are not allowed on campus outside of the 1 or 2 small roads we have. In the picture, the black box is pretty much where I'm not allowed to go and the red line is where I went). I was puilled over right on the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft. So here is the deal. I got a parking ticket 3 years ago that I forgot about so last week, when I went to renew my license, I had to pay over 400 dollars to clear it up. Unfortunatly, DMV did not clear it from my record yet so the cop busted me for an expired license and no plates. He also confiscated my expired license. I'm a little lucky because he could have got me for much more! I don't have my plates up yet, I didn't have my paperwork (the glovebox gets wet in the rain so I don't keep it there) and I was going through campus. Good ol' Mikey had to come bail me out with his Class M license or they would have impounded my scooter. So about a week after clearing up my record, I get a new ticket! Maybe I'm having a bad Karma week or something....

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