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Good News!

less than 1 minute read

It turns out that the infallible Office of Undergraduate Admissions has overcredited my transfer units from COD by 15 units! It really angers me that I had b...

2 Holes, Tool and Chowder

3 minute read

133935069133934721133933844134021008133931846 I now have 12 holes in my body that my mother did not give me. Jordana, Ida, Aurelie, Linsey and I went down t...

Week in Review

2 minute read

129108142129634157129633397127328963127328901 This last week treated me pretty well... I wanted to try and change the grading option of my Physics class...

“Major” Problems

2 minute read

Last week was one of those weeks... The midterm (the single lowest grade I have received... ever) and the scooter incident... and then on Friday, the sh*t hi...


less than 1 minute read

size/m/124115975 Sunshine? In Berkeley? That's unheard of! What a beautiful day today was!