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Physics 7B Lab Days are really interesting

1 minute read

In this lab we explored the motion of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field. First we heated up a cathode held at low voltage and set up an anode...

25 Years Old

less than 1 minute read

So I had my 25th birtday this weekend and I feel old. I can now get cheaper insurance for my scooter and rent cars at all rental agencies! The next birthd...


less than 1 minute read

This is just how I feel right now! This semester I am taking 16 technical course and I am having a hard time keeping up. I learned my lesson though... ...


less than 1 minute read

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Missing H

less than 1 minute read

So I was typing away te oter day and I ad noticed tat my key was not attaced te way it sould be. I ad attempted to use adesive to attac te key again but it...